Home and Above is a home goods manufacturer and distributor that creates kitchen and home products unique to its brand. Our goal was to bring innovation into a market that was desperate for something new, and we have succeeded in our endeavor.

We’re not just passionate manufacturers of home products; but with everything else that goes with it. While many companies aim to bring innovative mechanisms to their products, they fail to consider the importance of creating a quality product with an appealing design. Home and Above merges the two to create innovative functions enclosed in creative quality products.

Whether it be the Plastic Cutting Board, Snack Serving Tray, Double Dish Bowls, Vacuum Sealed Food Storage Containers, or just the many clever kitchen gadgets, Home and Above is proud to bring creativity into the market.

Our mission is to bring innovation, quality, and design into people’s lives – one person, one family, and one home at a time.