December Pick: The 3 in 1 Cold Brew Ice Coffee Maker


According to a recent Gallup study, research found that on average, two-thirds of American adults consume at least one cup of coffee a day. That’s over 160 million people who drink over 160 million cups of coffee—daily!

Now let’s do the math: On average, a store bought cup of coffee costs $2.70! That’s over 430 million dollars spent daily for a cup that actually costs just 27 cents!
Is it worth it? Does store bought coffee really taste better than the one you make at home? Some can argue it does. We’re here to propose a different option: who’s stopping you from getting both?

Invest as little as $30.00 or less in a coffee maker that gives you that rich coffee taste without the expensive costs. A great example of this is the 3 in 1 Cold Brew Ice Coffee Maker.
Made by Home and Above, this cold brew coffee maker does the job of multiple products! We combined it in one simple item to give you the most for your money!

Firstly, it’s a cold brew coffee maker that brews the best cold coffee out there! Choose to keep it cold, make it hot, add sugar, milk, or nothing at all—it’s really up to you!

Secondly, it can be used as a beverage cooler to chill all types of drinks! Use it to make ice coffee, ice tea, or simply to cool off water and juices. The best part: the Ice Tube gives the chilling effect of ice without actually making the drink watery. Brilliant!

Lastly, (but surely not least) its sleek glass style and easy-to-pour spout makes the coffee brewer an actual pitcher! Simply place the glass carafe on your dining room table for serving family and guests! There’s no need to switch your beverages into a separate pitcher.
Have you tried the Cold Brew Coffee Maker? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!