How to Make a Protein Drink Station in 5 Minutes! By: Crystal Sixta,


Organization slowly continues on around here! I got an extra couple of days off work due to norovirus going around our school. Friday we closed to keep everyone home for the 3-day weekend and so that we could disinfect, and today I was home because my daughter’s stomach started hurting last night and I was anticipating the worst. Fortunately that’s the only symptom she had, and I managed by with just an “off” tummy myself (more on how I think we managed that on Thursday!). Anyway, with two extra days I should probably be way farther ahead on organizing than I am, but I did get a lot of work done…just not all organizing! I’ve been working on a lot of Young Living things, some of which will show up here on the blog, hopefully soon! I was really excited, though, to have nice enough temps today to get to open windows and even escape the house for a long walk with our dog!

Home and Above contacted me about trying out their Vacuum Sealed Food Storage Container Set, and since I’d had it a week or so and hadn’t put it to use yet, I wanted to be sure to get that done today. It took precedence over finally lining and organizing that cupboard with the cookware. 😉 It will get done. Since I’d just organized the pantry before the containers arrived, I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to try them out, but I came up with a perfect use!


I mulled around the idea of using the containers for some sort of drink station…hot cocoa (YES), tea (sure), flavored coffee (oh baby!). I already have storage in place for tea and coffee and I didn’t want to switch that up, though as I type this the thought of getting five flavored coffees and labeling each container so cutely and having fun every morning picking out the flavor that sounds just right sounds AMAZING. But before I had that epiphany, another idea hit me. I had all of these pouches sitting in a basket, and decided I could create a protein powder station! As Brad and I are trying to eat healthier and work out more, something like this will be just the boost we need and serve as a great reminder for a healthy smoothie or protein shake! (I also made a spot for turmeric which I’m using these days in teas and things for inflammation. I really like this drink here.)


We had amassed a little collection of protein powders. I would have called it a “smoothie station” or something but really…it’s almost all protein powders! 😉 I have my Young Living Pure Protein Complete (YUM). And then I got some peanut butter powder. (Also yum!) Some recipe I came across called for whey protein powder, so I got that, too. And Brad just restocked his own protein powder for post-workouts. Then there’s the turmeric!

The container set came with five quality BPA-free plastic containers…2 small (10 oz), 2 medium (27 oz), and 1 large (41 oz)…just the right amount for what I wanted to store. They stack on a carousel so that you can turn it and view each side (love that feature!), and the lids have a dial for marking the storage date. The set also comes with a Vacuum Pump that withdraws air and moisture from the containers so the food inside stays fresh longer! (I failed to get that in the photos!)

I quickly got to work putting the powders in each container, trying to match quantity of powder to the size of container. The peanut butter powder doesn’t nearly fill the container I chose, but I have plans to restock at Costco on my next trip, so I made sure to leave room. 😉

Simply fill the container, put the lid on, and use the Vacuum Pump to pull the air out! It only takes about 5 pumps of the vacuum, though I discovered that if the container isn’t full (like with my peanut butter powder), then it takes a few more. It was really fast and easy! Admittedly, I don’t know that I’d vacuum seal (or need to) the protein powders every time, but I can see this being a valuable feature with foods that I don’t access every day or that might tend to go stale.

Of course I went a step further and added a clear label with my label maker! You can even get additional containers in the three sizes. If you prefer, you can use them as canisters without the carousel. I think these would be great storage for all of the various types of grains I’ve started collecting for different healthy recipes!


Not only does this system organize the kitchen, but it keeps food fresh longer, eliminating wasted food and money! The carousel makes it easy to see all of the containers, and it looks so nice you could even have one out on the counter! I still think a hot cocoa bar or beverage bar (think cocoa, coffee, tea) would be fun! The possibilities are endless! And you can’t lose by trying it because Home and Above has a 100% money back guarantee! Be sure to check their site out here for the Vacuum Food Storage Container Set and their other innovative products!