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Holy Cow! Our Cattle Toothpick Dispenser is too adorable not to have! 

LOOKS LIKE A LITTLE ORANGE COW. Simply press the top and a toothpick ejects from the back - right below the tale. What fun! Kids and adults alike will absolutely love this! Everyone will ask for permission to get just one more toothpick.

NAME YOUR LITTLE CATTLE TOOTHPICK DISPENSER and make him a valued part of your family or office team. Everyone wonders how they lived without the fun that this little guy brings to every get-together.

MAKES DINNER TIME A LOT MORE FUN & INTERESTING, giving your meal a strong sense of style. Everyone enjoys food more when they're in a great mood. This Little Cattle is the perfect character to greet you after a long day.

SUPER EASY TO USE! Unlike other toothpick dispensers you never get more picks then you need and it won't become jammed. Just press and one toothpick will come out. Refill by simply opening up the cow and placing toothpicks inside. 

The high quality will bring you continued enjoyment and convenience for years to come!


10 x 5 x 5.5 cm


ABS, Stainless Steel

1 Toothpick Dispenser