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The Apple Slicer and Corer by Home and Above makes cutting and slicing easy with just a simple push! The durable and comfortable rubber handles ensures you enjoy optimal comfort while slicing fruits and vegetables! Your hands will not hurt from pushing down. The soft handles provide the stability that is necessary to slice apples cleanly and evenly.


We all dread recipes that require endless amount of coring and slicing. With our Apple Slicer and Corer, baking and cooking can be much more enjoyable! Using the apple cutter is fast and easy. Place the cutter on top of the fruit with the circular center over the stem. Push the cutter straight down to create eight perfect wedges and one core piece. How neat!


Enjoy your fruit on the go and spend less time slicing and coring. In just one push you get eight great slices. The sharp blades make it super easy to cut without pushing down too hard. It’s now so easy to upkeep a healthy lifestyle! No more spending hours preparing healthy meals and snacks. With this slicer, “An apple a day…” can become a reality!

Wash the slicer by hand or stick it in the dishwasher—it’s your choice! Either way, our Apple wedger is extremely easy to clean.

We aim to make your cooking experience a more relaxing one. With this tool, you’re guaranteed to cook with ease! The Home and Above Apple cutter is created with high quality materials that can last for years of frequent use. Our 100% money back guarantee makes our Apple Slicer and Corer the ideal choice for your home!  

Dishwasher Safe.

1 Apple Corer/Slicer