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Home and Above Wine Glass Markers are here to make sure you never drink from the wrong glass again! Our Metallic Wine Glass Markers are the most creative way for guests to personalize their own wine glasses or bottles. Perk up your party and any social event from weddings and baby showers, to dinners and wine tastings!  What a great way to create your own unique wine glass charm!

How to get started: First, make sure your writing surface is completely dry. Get creative! Mark your territory with your name, initials, or any drawing of your choice! Next, wait for the time to pass. After just 10 minutes, your masterpiece should be good-to-go! It won’t smudge or come off until you wash it away. Lastly, enjoy your personalized drinking glass! Simply wash off the glass marker drawings with soap and warm water when finished. Repeat again when ready to party!

Non-Toxic Glass Pens are food safe and can be used on glass, mirrors, ceramics, windows, and more! They are an erasable alternative to wine glass charms and labels. Our wine glass markers have the most vibrant and bold metallic colors. They are smudge-proof and won’t come off or smudge without washing. For chilled beverages, we recommend avoiding the wet, cloudy areas. Stick to drawing in the dry spaces for the ultimate smudge-free drawing. 

Transform your wine glasses and you’ll never forget which one’s yours! These colorful and sparkly wine glass markers make events fun, creative & personal. This is the most creative way to get a personalized wine glass with your name! Use these marker pens to decorate your glass and more. With this set you're getting great value for your money. The four bright-colored markers are the only accessories you need for your next party! Makes a perfect housewarming gift and party favor. 

These make perfect wine tags for weddings and bridal wine charms! Use it at Cocktail Parties, Birthdays, Wine Tastings, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Housewarmings and more! 


Non Toxic Ink 

What's in the box: 

4 Metallic Markers