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Tired of throwing away food after just one week? Waste no more! 

These marvelous Vacuum Food Storage Containers are the solution you've been looking for.

Complete with a Vacuum Pump and a cleverly rotating Carousel, our Vacuum Containers make an incredible food saver. No wonder they are the most popular kitchen accessory of the year! 

Instead of tossing expensive chips, cookies, crackers, and other snacks because they are no longer fresh, simply store them in these containers to keep fresh for weeks. Each of these containers have handy Identification Caps to help keep track of the exact date your food was stored. No more guessing! You and your family can now enjoy your food until the very last bite. 

★By creating a strong vacuum inside these food storage containers, microbial growth is greatly inhibited and bacterial cross-infection is minimized. Feel safe and confident eating foods. Know you and your family are safe from illness stemming from contaminated food. 

★A great, innovative way to insure food is enjoyed fresh and not wasted. Save money and preserve the Earth, all while providing extended enjoyment and nutrition for your family.

★This vacuum packed system keeps flavors where they belong. It stops odor and flavor contamination from one food to another. 

★System is resistant to moisture and freezing. Only a short cooling time is suggested on heated foods before storing. Then use the Vacuum Pump to lock in freshness.

The best food preservation system out there, these Vacuum Food Storage Container are a great food saver! This Vacuum Food Container 5pc Set with Vacuum Pump and Rotating Carousel is the perfect addition to your home.

Get yours while supplies last!



BPA Free Plastic


8.3 x 8.3 x 9.9 inches

Your BOX is packed with:

2 Small Containers - 10oz

2 Medium Containers - 27oz

1 Large Container - 41oz

1 Vacuum Pump

1 Rotating Carousel