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Bring the party to life with this five section Snack Serving Tray set!

The attractive, unique design and large compartments make this a great and useful snack dish. You will turn to it time and time again! 

This is not just your average serving tray. Unlike most dishes, this tray can hold foods of all kinds! It is the perfect size for serving both small and large foods. It can be used as one tray or can be compartmentalized into 5 separate serving trays. The large sections make this a great candy dish, party tray, and serving platter. 

Remove the compartments for larger servings or keep them in place for a neat, clean food display. This size also conveniently fits easily in your cabinets, pantry, or refrigerator.

Don't just keep the tray at home! Bring it along to your next party. The convenient lid keeps all your food in place to prevent spills. It is especially helpful when taken on picnics and barbecues, as it protects it from pesky bugs. Simply pop off the lid when ready to serve. No prep required! 

Hosting movie night? Our multisectional Tray is perfect for watching movies, TV, and video games. Never again will you have to get up from the fun to go get a snack with this popular party tray. 

Makes an awesome gift-- friends, family, and co-workers will appreciate and enjoy it for years to come! Get yours while supplies last. 


100% Food-grade PP, ABS


24.8x24.8xx.1 cm

1 Large Bowl

5 Small Removable Compartments