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Two bowls are better than one! 

This two-piece Serving Bowl set will solve the problem of how to gracefully dispose of pits, shells and food waste. Its unique design features an inner bowl to serve nuts, fruits and salads. The inner bowl nests inside an outer bowl into which guests can discreetly place what is inedible. No unsightly remnants are visible, and you will not need extra bowls or a trash can to collect the waste. 

Space Saver

When entertaining guests, your kitchen can often get crowded with too many serving dishes and bowls. With this two in one, you can ensure optimal usage for your space. The bowls can come apart for easy cleaning and can be used as separate serving dishes as well.

Enjoy your snack

This double two-piece Bowl set is the perfect serving dish for at-home activities and movie night, without having to worry about shells, seeds or pits. This Double Dish makes a great fruit bowl, salad bowl, and serving dish. 

Colorful Event

Make your special event a success! These attractive, double two-piece bowls will add great style and function to your dining or party table. The striking colors are the perfect addition to add style to your event and make your party fun.

Modern Design

These bowls are decorative and practical. They will look very artistic and be a beautiful sight in any kitchen or table. Do not limit yourself to home use - display this modern bowl in your office as well!




Big Bowl 9.7×9.8×3.7In
Medium Bowl 8×8×2.3in

1 Large Bowl

1 Medium Bowl