Sneak Peak: Take A Closer Look Into Our New Collection


With the summer coming to a close and fall just beginning, we are turning a new leaf (pun intended) by adding something fresh to our already vibrant collection. We are super excited to introduce you to our newest items, and we’re certain you’ll love them just as much as we do!

With that being said, here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come!


Home and Above Team

  • 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer

True to our name, Home and Above, we go above and beyond to bring you the most innovative products for your home, kitchen, bathroom, office, and more! With this in mind, we created the ultimate organizer that can find its place in any room of the house or office. Its uses are endless!

Introducing the 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer:

Our 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer is your new #OrganizationInspiration!  It can be used to organize shelves, cabinets, pantries, counter tops and more! Not just practical, the 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer is also decorative! The modern green and white colors add some character to your cabinets, shelves, and counter tops.


It doesn’t end there– our Cabinet Organizer’s three levels of step storage allow you to easily access the items you are looking for. Even more, the steps create a beautiful display so that your counter tops, cabinets and shelves always look effortlessly neat! It also creates more space in cluttered cabinets so that you will no longer be fishing around for the items you need! Use it to neatly arrange spices, cans, jars, perfumes, toiletries, cosmetics and more!


Lastly, but most importantly, each step has a Non-Skid Pad that ensures that the item you place is securely positioned and will not slip or move. Easy to clean surface makes this Cabinet Organizer your go-to kitchen and bathroom accessory.


So, what are you waiting for? Add some style and creativity to your home while keeping everything neat and organized. You don’t have to compromise on style to keep an orderly home!

  • Multi- Purpose Kitchen Stand

Just like its name indicates, our Multi-Purpose Kitchen Stand can be used for multiple purposes. From organizing pots and pans to arranging cutting boards and lids, this Kitchen Stand is a must-have for every home!

If you ask anyone what they seem to never have enough of, they will probably say kitchen counter space. That’s where we come in! Our Multi-Purpose Kitchen Stand is designed to help you organize your pots and pans while saving counter space. The stacking design creates additional storage area to maximize your kitchen cabinet and counter capacity.

When laid flat, the Kitchen Stand can be used to store items such as cutting boards, pots, placemats serving trays, and lids.


Place it upright, and it can hold up to three differently sized pots!


We, of course, can’t leave this fact out: our Multi-Purpose Kitchen Stand is made with the highest quality iron for long lasting durability! The rubber pads on the bottom of the stand allow you to place the stand anywhere in your kitchen without having to worry about friction between the stand and other surfaces. Your Kitchen Stand will certainly save you time and eliminate stress, knowing that your kitchen will look neat, organized, and scratch-free!

Stay on the lookout for when these products are available for purchase.

We’ll keep you posted!