Thanksgiving Essentials: What You Need Before The Holiday


If there’s one thing that stresses you out before Thanksgiving, it is probably the realization of the endless amount of cooking that lies ahead of you. From the peeling to the cutting, spicing, baking, and cooking, the list seems endless.

And that’s not all—the food still needs to be arranged, served, and, finally, cleared up and the leftovers stowed away.

Now that we’ve gone through the stresses of the holiday, we’re here to offer you some solutions. Take a look on how we can help you have an easier, more relaxed Thanksgiving!


Good For: Potatoes, Yams, Butternut Squash, Carrots, and more!

Some of our most favorite Thanksgiving foods have one thing in common: they require a never-ending amount of peeling! While there’s not much we can do to help you speed up the peeling process, we can make it a whole lot more fun, easy, and comfortable! Our Bird-Shaped Potato Peeler may be best known for easily peeling potatoes, but trust us, it can power through a lot of other fruits and vegetables as well! Its built-in potato eye remover easily removes imperfections and eyes from potatoes and other produce. In addition, this peeler is great for peeling thinly sliced uniform strips that cook evenly. Perfect for speeding up your cooking process!


Another major bonus of our Bird-Shaped Potato Peeler lies not just in the sharp blade, but in its contoured handle. The contoured handle is comfortable to use, keeps hands from slipping toward the blade, and helps prevent hand fatigue during longer periods of use. How’s that for pleasant peeling?


Lastly, getting your kids involved in the Thanksgiving prep can make your work go a whole lot faster with the extra hands on deck. This potato peeler will certainly help make cooking an enjoyable and fun experience for you and your kids.



Good For: Apples, Pears, Potatoes, and more!

Yet another time-consuming process, slicing and coring is very-much prevalent in most people’s Thanksgiving recipes. Our Apple Slicer and Corer allows you to go Core-Less without difficulty! A simple push on this apple corer and your apple is good to go! You’ll be left with neat, even apple slices. Our Apple Slicer is great for peeling apples, but it can be used on a wide variety of fruits and vegetables too! Its durable and comfortable rubber handles ensures you enjoy optimal comfort while slicing fruits and vegetables! We aim to make your cooking experience a more relaxing one. With this tool, you’re guaranteed to cook with ease!



Good For: Everything!

One key thread running through everyone’s Thanksgiving preparations is the variety of spices needed for each dish. From the turkey and stuffing to the pies and pastries, having quick access to the many spices is essential for a smooth process. Our 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer makes the perfect spice organizer! Its layered design, constructed of 3-tiers, allows for full view, so that spices on the back shelves can be clearly seen and easily accessed. This durable Cabinet Organizer offers you a more functional way to locate your spices and other food items! From salt to cinnamon, it is now so easy to grab the spice you need without having to struggle to find the right item. Less time looking and more time cooking!



Good For: Cranberry Sauce, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes Gravy, and more!

Determining what foods to put where is another fun yet frustrating factor of Thanksgiving work. With our Sectional Snack Serving Tray, you can pair up food items in one tray! From turkey slices and cranberry sauce, to mashed potatoes and gravy, serve and switch up the removable dishes to whatever works best! Or take them out all together to keep one large serving dish.


The beautiful color options (red & orange) add some creativity and fun to your holiday table. Even more—once your dinner is finished, simply cover up the food left in the tray with its custom lid! Cleanup is as easy as 1,2,3!



Good For: All Your Leftovers!

No matter how many or how few you prepare for, there always seems to be an overload of extra food! It’s important to properly store your leftovers, to ensure that it remains fresh for however long you’re planning on eating it. Our Vacuum Food Storage Container Set makes sure your food stays fresh for weeks! The set of five containers of all different sizes provides enough storage space for all your Thanksgiving leftovers. Use the highly effective Vacuum Pump to withdraw all the air and moisture from each container. Now your food is safely vacuum packed for long lasting freshness! Each of these containers have handy Identification Caps to help keep track of the exact date your food was stored.


Have you found any items to be particularly helpful? Let us know—we’d love to hear what you think!